Is Tradigital Really a Word?

Tradigital Marketing. Nope, not a typo - yup, it’s a thing.  

Let's start with Traditional marketing. Traditional marketing, contrary to what some digital agencies might tell you, is not dead,. Digital marketing did not kill it - but its role has certainly changed significantly. People still listen to the radio, respond to magazine ads, appreciate brochures and look at postings on community bulletin boards. As a matter of fact, research shows that our Millennials love well-done print, as it breaks through all the digital clutter.

However, the end game of those traditional marketing sources has changed.  Ultimately, most of those marketing efforts, whether it’s an advertisement or even a lawn sign, send you to a digital destination – a registration form, a membership sign-up, a downloadable offer or on-line shopping cart. Can you see how important it is for these two methods to work cohesively toward a single goal?

It’s no longer traditional vs. digital; it’s "tra-digital" that gets the results. No matter your budget, your agency should be able to suggest, create and implement a diverse marketing mix to support for your business goals.

Speaking of Digital - Getting Social.

Navigating Facebook, LinkedIn and the maze of social media can be overwhelming; especially when you’re concentrating on the day-to-day needs of running your business. Yet, social media is a critical part creating your community, staying connected and ultimately growing your business. So, give yourself a break.

Here's a thought. Stop torturing yourself and hire a social media manager to create and manage your social media accounts so you can put your focus where it’s needed. It’s their job to build an engaged social media community. A Social Media Manager will get to know you and represent your business in your voice - consistently maintaining, monitoring, updating, posting and engaging with your customers. It’s also their job to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and changes across social media platforms (and there are many!), so that they can present your brand in the newest, most creative and strategic ways. A Social Media Manager will work closely with you to develop a strategic plan and clear social marketing goals. 

The Set Up!

Just getting starting? Use a Social Media Manager to set you up across all the social media platforms – plus they’ll populate some other free online business listings you may be overlooking. They'll offer solutions for your immediate needs or can create a long term plan to work together.

Your brand is unique. Get a customized, social media services proposal just for you.  A Social Media manage will research your customers, your competitors and your industry. Then they’ll dig deep to find ways to build the brand awareness you deserve. They'll implement strategies to drive traffic to your website, build your community, stay in touch with your customers and ultimately, generate the sales leads you are looking for. And, then, they'll report back their progress because all these social media tools come along with some pretty amazing traffic analysis tools. 

Oh, and if your website needs a little polishing up or a complete overhaul to support the social media marketing – they can make that happen too! Or, at least that's what I would do for my clients. ;-)

With more than 20 years in marketing for technology organizations, Gina Daschbach Marketing, LLC brings together the most creative and experienced marketing talent and resources to orchestrate a Traditional and Digital Marketing plan for your business.