LinkedIn: Prospecting Secrets Revealed

Your profile is in top shape, you’ve used LinkedIn for due diligence before reaching out by email or phone to prospects and you’re keeping up with your customers who post in groups that you share in common. A+ for you! You’ve discovered that with the basics down – LinkedIn is a way, powerful tool. If you know how to search for prospects and narrow the results down by industry, company, location, and other specifications, you are already doing great. Here are a few LinkedIn hacks to take you to the next level of prospecting. 

1      CHECK THE SIDEBAR “People Also Viewed” is a powerful side bar. It basically displays a clone of your best customer! Visit the profile of your ideal customers or prospects then check out the sidebar on the right side of your page. This "People Also Viewed" box delivers prospects with similar attributes.

2      NEW JOBS Ever notice that when a person takes on a new role, they are typically open to exploring new products and services and building their own new team of resources. Don’t miss this chance to present yourself. Click the "Keep in Touch" button under the "Connections" tab to look for the “Say Congrats” header under the Connection’s image, see who has switched teams and reach out right away.

3      COMPETITOR NETWORKS LinkedIn members' networks are searchable -- (mostly) and that includes those of competing salespeople. It’s no surprise that they are probably connected with their prospects and customers, so peruse their networks. You super sleuth!

4      PULSE Check out Pulse for articles that might be of interest to your target audience and pick yourself up some new prospects. How? Expand the comments section to see the number of “likes” and it will surface people who are interested in what they just read. You know what to do next!

5      SKILLS ENDORSEMENT Check out the people that have offered skills endorsements to your prospects and customers. Often people with similar interests and skills endorse each other. It’s similar to the People Also Viewed tip.

6      BOOLEAN GOOGLE SEARCH To surface a list of LinkedIn profiles -  go to Google and try a Boolean search. Here’s how it’s done. Put your search words in quotation marks, and use OR, AND, or NOT between them. Pop in "" at the beginning of your search, and prospect away.

Booleans is a fun word to know, but it's even cooler if you know how to use it. Try this:

·      QUOTATION MARKS: delivers results containing the exact phrase.

·      OR: delivers results that contain either search term. 

·      AND: delivers results of both search terms.

·      NOT: delivers the desired search terms and excludes the second term.

Take control of your prospecting with the power of LinkedIn search and these more non-traditional LinkedIn hacks. Good luck and Happy prospecting. Please share other helpful hacks that you have discovered.

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 Source consulted: Hubspot