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Get on the cover of a magazine

Magazine readers are word of mouth leaders and consistent action-takers.

Readers of print magazine consume information with a relaxed mind-set, giving important consideration and attention to the information they are perusing. Audiences of magazines remember and take action.

That's why I launched PEROOZ | The Magazine Creator.

Using your branded content, for example, content that you have been using successfully online, in podcasts, videos, blogs and on your website, we re-craft your messaging into a unique, no-hype, custom magazine experience about your brand - exquisitely designed and printed on premium quality papers and finishes. 


  • We strategize and re-craft your amazing content into a engaging new format.

  • We plan the look and feel with our concierge-style onboarding process.

  • We help you to gather images and other assets with our checklists and support.

  • We design, manage, produce and print your beautiful magazines.

  • We provide unlimited digital access to an interactive magazine link.

  • We create your magazine with less time and resources from your team than you would think.

  • We strategize creative and compelling way you can get your story directly into the hands of your audience.

Branded Content Magazines are ideal for mission-based, niche businesses that have in-person opportunities with their communities and audiences. They are also a great addition to client onboarding and welcome programs and perfect for speakers and presenters that want to leave an impression after they leave the room. 

  • Health & Wellness Coaches

  • Executive and Business Consultants

  • Home Improvement Services

  • Lifestyle and Fitness Services

  • Performance and Empowerment Coaching

  • Specialty Services

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tell your story

Delivering on-point messaging can take many forms and we've delivered just about all of them. Our specialty is creative design and marketing materials for products, outreach, services, training, education, and sales.  Our creative resources and contacts are among the very best in the biz.




  • Squarespace websites








Experience you can count on. 

Gina Daschbach

After twenty years of bringing creative leadership to marketing and communications teams in the audio, video and electronics industry, Gina Daschbach brings her marketing expertise and enthusiasm to her own boutique firm. 

Gina Daschbach Marketing, LLC is a creative solutions firm, offering marketing strategy, project management and design services to a variety of industries from tech, non-profits and government agencies to entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

We bring together the words and imagery that keep your clients and stakeholders engaged - whether they are reading about you in a publication designed for you and about you and your services or whether they are viewing experiencing your brand and seeing your message online. 



I'm really excited to bring MARKETING VIP DAYS to small business owners. This is a hands-on, sleeves rolled up,  intensive full-day, working session. We'll dig deep, evaluation your current plan, or create one if you don't have one. We'll do on the fly market and industry research, develop clear, actionable goals, a calendar and some real accountable check points. There is so much value in this one day, work session. I can't wait to work with you! Let's go!!

Her eye for design and art direction is unparalleled and innate, beyond that she saved me thousands of dollars during the project by making really smart, decisions that allowed me to get the project done and meet all of our deadlines, but still create phases and iterations, so we weren’t saddled with expensive last minute changes.”

Small team. Big approach.

It's our style to keep your project moving along by staying engaged with you as an extension of your executive team. We utilize the latest collaboration tools to share data, manage processes and schedule work flow. You'll also love that you can count on receiving prompt attention to phone calls, emails and frequent status updates. We are a small team with a big approach and a real track record for success.

What I love about Gina is that she is not just an art director who gets the job done, she is a business person who understands cash flow, business strategy, and ROI in a way you just don’t get with most run of the mill agencies. I highly recommend her and her team for your marketing initiatives.”

Pretty pictures and clever phrases are not enough. Getting your project done right, on time and on budget means hiring someone well-versed in the full creative collaboration process with the experience to make informed, creative decisionsYou need a team that understands the full-process from planning, budgeting, and scheduling to design, production and launch. We've got you.

Plus, we have a professional network of amazingly-creative, vetted resources in design and copywriting to keep your clients engaged with your marketing message.

The best tool for the job.

Gina has it all. She is strategic, visionary and brilliant, plus she knows how to roll up her sleeves and get the job done. When we did our magazine, Inkubated!, I was 100% sure without her I could do a really good magazine but with her I would get something revolutionary that not only massively impacted our revenue and raised our brand profile but also that set a new standard industry wide. I was right.”
— Angela Lauria, The Author Incubator

We offer a high-level of expertise with the full Adobe Creative Suite including PhotoShop, InDesign, and Illustrator. These limitless tools keep our creative juices flowing to produce a range of graphics deliverables.

We are especially skilled at bringing together complex, multi-page, printed documents with intensive graphics, photos, typography and all the wow-factor for producing incredible books, magazines and elegant brochures - finished pieces that proudly find a place on the coffee table or a shelf, instead of the round file.  We know tradeshow graphics, too. Our work has wrapped buildings and booths at some of the world's largest convention centers. 

Let's build your digital footprint, too. We can deliver responsive web design, viral videos, docu-promos, mobile app development and social media content strategy and management as well. 

Government Contracting 

Photo by George Marks/Retrofile RF / Getty Images

Gina Daschbach Marketing, LLC is proud to be focusing on work for government and non-profit agencies. We are thrilled to be a trusted contractor for the Army Cyber Institute at West Point Military Academy. We are a woman-owned, certified small business, registered for government contracting through (System for Award Management). 




  • DUNS NUMBER: 080204020


  • NAICS CODES: 541430, 541490, 541613, 541810, 541820, 541830, 541850, 541860, 541890, 541410, 541922, 519130

  • PSC CODES: R701, T001

Gina Daschbach - Marketing Strategist | Presenter

Gina Daschbach - Marketing Strategist | Presenter


Are you competing for your members' time, money and renewal fees?  Set your next event apart by offering relevant, fun and informative topics.

Gina  will create customized presentations geared toward your audience and industry, ensuring relevant and useful information that will leave audiences motivated and inspired.


Marketing Strategist+BOLD BRAND BUILDING

Gina Daschbach's solid background in marketing and communications has helped both large companies and small business owners understand how social media, networking and traditional marketing strategies fit together.

“Over the last 10 years Social Media turned much of what I knew about marketing on its head. hasn’t! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have replaced nothing – and enhanced everything! Social Media has given a clearer voice to organizations like no other marketing effort.”

Gina is known for her ability to present marketing topics in exciting, easy-to-understand, example-driven terms. With a passion for the branding, traditional and digital marketing, she makes concepts that seem daunting feel more accessible for small business owners and coaches. Her interest in social media was launched along with her first Facebook post in 2007. Since then, Gina has participated in nationally recognized social media training programs, is certified in digital marketing through Bootcamp Digital and Hootsuite and is a life-long learner participating in professional trainings and consuming industry updates on a daily basis.

She has conducted trainings and presentations in one-to-one client sessions to small workshops and larger groups for a wide-range of audiences including local business merchants to retired professionals.  

In addition to presenting and facilitating marketing workshops, Gina Daschbach Marketing, is sought after to provide creative marketing strategies for print and digital marketing projects for small businesses, government and non-profit agencies. With more than 20 years in marketing and communications, blending project management with creativity and technology, Gina’s experience spans a variety of grassroots businesses like her father’s specialty automotive parts company, small publishing companies and local service businesses to international audio video and electronics companies.